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Collabrative Work Placement

For this Module, we were intended to do some digital based work for a company in a real-life environment, like as if we were working somewhere for real. It was open-ended in what specifically that we could do for work so it was left for us to decide.


Since I can do web design, I decided that I would do a website for a company, which I thought wouldn’t be too hard to find a company who needed a website creating. Luckily, a friend of mine’s family recently started a business in York, which made things alot easier for me as they did come to me asking if I could make them a website.

The first thing to do, was to make contact. I was emailed by both the founders of the companies directly, each of them giving me an idea of what they wanted, and ensuring that I could do the job.

We then had several meetings throughout the design period and into the finished product, with them providing me with a basic layout of how the content should be shown on the page, and then I created several designs for them to choose from. I think this was a good method of doing it, as whipping up a good variation of designs isn’t too hard and also tests my skills in the field.

Doing this kind of interaction with a real company did give me some decent experience as I was not too sure how the project would work out. The 2 founders of the company did help me alot though, they emailed me lots of content and text for me to use, which was very helpful. Here are the 3 main designs I offered for them to choose from:


Above are the 3 main designs I offered to them initially (click on them to enlarge), they wanted their logo to be noticeable and also white to be a main color used. They chose the design on the right immediately, so the web development on the content could begin.

They sent me a series of emails, and also we had a few meetings at their offices in York about what content should be, with Word documents with text content being emailed to me, and then I would respond with a link to the latest version of the website.

This method worked well as they could see the website changing and their content fitting in, and they could offer suggestions which I could try.


The experience overall was a good one, the clients were friendly and so easy to get along with, and understand what they wanted from the project. The clients also were very decisive and this helped me greatly as when being explained to of what they wanted, I knew exactly what they wanted and this also sped up the overall process. I have more work lined up from the same people for some point in the near future, and also I am always looking to do web design work for people as well as developing my current skills.

If i were to do the project again, I can’t think of anything I would change; the whole process went smoothly and easily, and the clients knew exactly what they wanted which helped me immensely.


The Powerpoint I Presented about my Work Experience


Update: Week 22

March 10, 2011 4 comments

On Tuesday we were set a task, which involved making a Tutorial on something we know how to explain. I chose to explain making a simple webpage, as it is one of my biggest skills so I can explain it better than most subjects.

On Wednesday we were set the new task, which was creating an advertisement for a chosen subject, which our tutor set as being “Pasta”. This was for the Professional Project module.

On Thursday we spent a lesson about Memes. Memes are a combination of either images, text or videos, or all of the above together. Something becomes a Meme by not trying to be a meme, but by being unique and/or humourous. Usually, when someone tries to make something a Meme, the chances of it becoming a Meme are practically zero. Also, after the Meme has been used for long periods of time they usually die down and become less popular. The use of memes was more prominent on the internet from 2007 – 2009 as this was when the popular imageboard 4chan was at its biggest, which is usually the creator of most internet memes, due to its large base of creative users.

DreamWeaver Introduction

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment
The other day we were introduced to Adobe’s Dreamweaver.  In the past I havent liked it because it seems to “dumb-down” website creation, though it does make some parts easier, and this time I have learned how to use it properly, which I never got round to in the past. We created a simple website with hyperlinks and images.

Adobe Dreamweaver Interface

The output was basic, but useful for someone not yet “into” html, as it provided a much easier way for people to build websites other than using basic HTML Code. It also makes it easier to organize where your website is, and also make updating a website easier as you can have it permanently setup to be editable, and when you save, it can automatically upload it so the website is updated instantly. It was good to get into using a program, as I havent had much of a try with Dreamweaver before.