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Final Assignment on “Expressive Image”

For the final assignment we had to do research as well as a final expressive image. We were supposed to take inspiration from other works, first of all we were supposed to look at certain artists such as Phillip Gurrey, Erik Johansson and Alexa Meade.



First of all I looked at Phillip Gurrey‘s work and I noticed the style it was done in. Personally i’m not a fan and I do think although some of his work is good, s0me of it is the “modern” style of art, which is something I find a bit riddiculous really, where people use something simple and very easy to make for “artistic effect”, for example one of Phillips works is a picture of a black wall with a white streak down it. This kind of “art” is not my idea of something to value. The pictures of people that Phillip did are artistic, but are quite abstract and again, not my kind of taste.



Another artist I looked at is Erik Johansson, and I much preferred his work. I see it as much more artistic and uses image manipulation to create impossible situations. This is much more my thing, and I did think his work looks great, and is very creative. I think that Eriks style is very different to Phillips, as his is more of a image manipulation exercise than an artistic one, although it does have an eventual artistic effect. I think art like this is interesting and much more so than Gurrey’s work. The style it is done in is a sort of laid back, non serious way, for example the digger being used to play noughts and crosses is a child/immature like thing that someone would do.



Another artist I looked at is Alexa Meade. I think in terms of the work, it is good and creative, and expressive in its own way, even though again, like Phillip Gurrey’s work, it is not to my taste. Alexa’s art is all people-based, some of them are featuring people in different situations, as if they are doing something, but some are just of people. But all seem to have a background meaning to them, as is also where her work is showcased onĀ  her website, where everything has a short caption. In my opinion I think that her style is more about expressing emotion through art, which is my interpretation of her unique style.

Final Image








This is what I did for my final piece.