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Update: Week 29

This week we continued doing work on all of our assignments, except on Wednesday, where we were shown an interesting video on the Power of Brands. It is a BBC documentary called Secrets of the Superbrands. It can be watched here:

And I would highly reccommend giving it a watch as it gives some interesting views on brands and the lengths that they go to.


Update: Week 28

This week we continued our work on our assignments.

Update: Week 27

On Tuesday we watched three videos. One of the videos by Eli Pariser was about the influence of googles various filters on the search results they provide.

On Wednesday we had a talk from Gabriella Kent from Teeside University to talk to us about her line of work, and her experiences in the gaming industry.

On Thursday we continued work on our assignments.

Update: Week 26

On Tuesday we talked about the work we had done over the easter holidays and talked about the news in the computer industry and associated topics like gaming, etc. One of the main points was the breach of security on Sony’s Playstation Network service which has been down for 5 days and counting.

On Wednesday we were looking at a program called Autodesk SoftImage. This is one of the products which Autodesk bought out and one which i think is a very awkward program to use, especially the interface which is very confusing and does look very outdated.

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Update: Week 24

On Tuesday we were set a task to take some photos of some very tiny characters in different situations, which is to test our photography and editing skills. We also were shown “Games with a Purpose”, which is a website which mixes together online multiplayer games with bettering the internet, by generating games which involve answering questions which the intention is to help search engines think like humans do, by filling them with what humans have answered questions as, and using the data in real life searches.

Overall I think we could have done the task alot better, as the end result was pretty boring and not very imaginitive. We should have changed this by taking various different ideas and using them all.

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Update: Week 23

On Tuesday we were told that our “Pasta” based adverts would be due in soon, and we were set another task, where we needed to create storyboards of a short clip of a film we like.

On Wednesday we continued our work on the memes task.

On Thursday we were shown infographics, which are an internet based image which is used to give the reader information in an informative but casual way. We have been set a task to create a infographic based on a subject of our choosing.

Update: Week 22

March 10, 2011 4 comments

On Tuesday we were set a task, which involved making a Tutorial on something we know how to explain. I chose to explain making a simple webpage, as it is one of my biggest skills so I can explain it better than most subjects.

On Wednesday we were set the new task, which was creating an advertisement for a chosen subject, which our tutor set as being “Pasta”. This was for the Professional Project module.

On Thursday we spent a lesson about Memes. Memes are a combination of either images, text or videos, or all of the above together. Something becomes a Meme by not trying to be a meme, but by being unique and/or humourous. Usually, when someone tries to make something a Meme, the chances of it becoming a Meme are practically zero. Also, after the Meme has been used for long periods of time they usually die down and become less popular. The use of memes was more prominent on the internet from 2007 – 2009 as this was when the popular imageboard 4chan was at its biggest, which is usually the creator of most internet memes, due to its large base of creative users.