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Final Assignment on “Time”

Task 1: Pre-Production

For the Final Assignment on “Time” I spent a lot of time thinking about different ideas that I could use to depict time in a different way. I always wanted to use video as this is the best method of showing time. I did orignally plan to team up with someone also doing the course, but unfortunately I think that it would take too much time and planning and then also editing to produce something which will work visually. Our plan was to film both our different journey from different areas to college specifically. We planned on making a montage style video which showed the diferent journeys at the same time, and showing different views, but instead we have chosen to do individual tasks so that it is easier.

For my actual assignment I planned on making a similar idea video, except just for myself. I did this by  mounting a camera in my car for my journey to and from college. It shows the distance I have to travel and the different changes of scenery I drive through every day. For this I would need a camera capable of shooting decent enough video, and be able to fit the file created on the memory card, and I already had both these things, so I just mounted the camera on the dashboard with tape and set it recording from set off to arrival. I did it on the way to college and the way back.

For editing my footage together I would need software capable of doing it. We have been shown a small amount on using Final Cut Pro, but I have chosen to use Sony Vegas as my video editor, as I think I will get better results using it, and I am familiar with the interface.

Task 2: Implementation

For the actual completion of the Time Assignment the final result was a video showing my route to and from college in time-lapse form.

Task 3: Technical Notebook

The first  and main thing to secure was a camera to film it all with. I already had a Compact Canon I could use, so there were no issues there. After then it was just a matter of securing it in a place on my car where it would be able to film the journey. After filming I simply connected the camera to my computer via USB and retrieved the video.

The next part was editing the footage. We had been shown a small amount of using Final Cut Pro for Mac, but since I have a Windows PC and cannot use Final Cut Pro very well, I decided to use Sony Vegas 10. I chose this as I am more familiar with it and I prefer the user interface. Also, in my opinion it is a much more flexible editor.

Another issue when I was filming was that at the end of the first half of the film, it started raining and water droplets are visible on the video, but I decided to still use the footage as I dont think it spoils it. Also, when putting together my video, I sped it up wrongly, and it meant I rendered a video for half an hour, and it was the same “first half” repeated 4 times. I realized why this was happening and managed to remedy it in the end.


Challenge 4: Creative Image

Task 1: Pre-Production

For this assignment we did some creative thinking as a group. We were given 2 words: “Stone” and “Camera”, which we were supposed to combine creatively somehow. We all thought of a good amount of ideas, the dominant one being a camera within  a stone or something similar, and this is what I personally chose.

Task 2: Implementation

I used Google to find a suitable photo of a rock/stone, and then searched for a photo of a lens for me to combine the 2 eventually. You can see below the simple process of what I did, and the end result below.

Click Image to Enlarge

Task 3: Evaluation

I think overall it could have been more creative and had more work put into it, but i think 2 boring subjects like “Camera” and “Stone” are a hard subject to create something from, and don’t exactly whip up interesting ideas. I think I could have been alot more creative on this task and maybe got into it a bit more, as when we were generating ideas I wasn’t really in a creative mood and I didn’t put as much effort in as I could have. I do think with a different combination of subjects I could have made something more interesting.

Challenge 5: Filter Bubbles

On Tuesday we watched three videos. One of the videos by Eli Pariser was about the influence of googles various filters on the search results they provide. I personally think that it is an important issue, especially as the internet is evolving and Search engines are along with it, where nowadays you can see your results being filtered to show you more personal results every day.

For example, in the earlier days of Google, searching for something would give the exact same results as another person, where as nowadays the person sat next to you could get different results. This offers the question, what is being hidden from us without our knowledge?

I think this is a serious issue, and I think is very dissappointing for something like this to be happening to us without our free choice. In todays times how do we know who we can trust? Especially with large, rich companies like Google controlling what everyday people see and read, are we choosing our opinions or is Google? Personally this worries me, though I continue to use Google as a search engine.

They can get away with this  because they have the majority of the world using their search engine every second of every day, which is something worth thinking about.

A better Google would be a more customizable one, where you can control what different variables do to effect what you see, and there should be more universal search results rather than localized and personalized ones.

Using Final Cut Pro

March 1, 2011 2 comments

In todays session we were shown how to use Final Cut Pro, a piece of software used to manipulate video/audio clips. Personally I dislike using the program as I find the layout irritating and very dated to use. I personally would prefer Sony Vegas as a video editing software package as I find it is much more useable.

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New Module

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Today we started a new module, Professional Project. Our first task is to create a video in a group employing a technique of our choosing to make something happen as if it is magic.