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Challenge 4: Common Photograph

This challenge was to take photographs of a specific area, our workspace at college, and present the images creatively. Everyone had different ways of doing this so there were mixed results. Some people just moved physical objects into the shot to make it different, others like myself used image editing to put together multiple images and manipulate the images aswell.

I decided to do this as the classroom and Mac computers are really rather dull, and the room and area lacks colour. So I thought i’d add it myself.

Click Image to Enlarge

This is the first idea I implemented. It simply involved copying and pasting the image on a new layer, making it fit the original layers screen, and repeating that. I thought this idea was still dull so I decided on photographing the area and editing them together.

Click Image to Enlarge

So for my second idea I took the various photos i’d taken, and arranged them on a black, blank canvas. I chopped the images up into segments, and changed the hue and brightness of different segments. I did this as I thought it added colour to the images and also it was something different to the normal thing to do.

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