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Challenge 5: Filter Bubbles

On Tuesday we watched three videos. One of the videos by Eli Pariser was about the influence of googles various filters on the search results they provide. I personally think that it is an important issue, especially as the internet is evolving and Search engines are along with it, where nowadays you can see your results being filtered to show you more personal results every day.

For example, in the earlier days of Google, searching for something would give the exact same results as another person, where as nowadays the person sat next to you could get different results. This offers the question, what is being hidden from us without our knowledge?

I think this is a serious issue, and I think is very dissappointing for something like this to be happening to us without our free choice. In todays times how do we know who we can trust? Especially with large, rich companies like Google controlling what everyday people see and read, are we choosing our opinions or is Google? Personally this worries me, though I continue to use Google as a search engine.

They can get away with this  because they have the majority of the world using their search engine every second of every day, which is something worth thinking about.

A better Google would be a more customizable one, where you can control what different variables do to effect what you see, and there should be more universal search results rather than localized and personalized ones.

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