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Challenge 2: Internet Memes

Memes are essentially an idea which is developed over the internet, generally used for humour. Is usually is based on an image, but can be created using text, sound, video  or image or a combination of each. Memes may be changed by individuals and also have different meanings over time.  It is only recently they have started to come into general usage, but still memes are usually only known about by someone who is a regular internet user.

For this challenge, I was set to either create a meme or make an image which contains various other memes. I thought I’d choose the latter, as creating a meme goes against the entire idea of memes, which is that they cant be forced, but a shared entity which many people over the internet find humorous or strange. I used Photoshop CS5 to create this image, which is a step away from what I normally use, which is a free open-source program PaintDotNet.

I simply thought of the memes I had heard about, and limited it to 5 memes, and put them on a creative background I had created.

Click the image to view fullsize.

#1 – Pedobear: This is one of the most well-known memes, of which its origins are unknown. There are rumors it was originally a pokemon which was dropped, but I find this unlikely. The character is supposedly a pedophile bear, and it is often photo-shopped into comics or situations which can cause humorous effect.

#2 – “FFUUUU” Guy: This is not generally known by regular internet users, but stems from a internet comic various people have created. This character features in many comics as the idea of the meme is that people can use it for them selfs, to create funny comics.

#3 – “Y U NO” Guy: Similar to the above, this is another character used in comics for comedic effect.

#4 – Mudkipz: Mudkip is a character which has origins in the Cartoon/Game series, Pokemon. For no apparent reason, it became a meme and is used as a random saying to shout out “I liek mudkipz” on forums and on instant messaging. It could be considered an example of internet slang, and avideo clip of it is also used on YouTube for an irritating effect.

#5 – Over 9000:  Originating in Dragon Ball Z, this meme began when a YouTube user in 2006 uploaded a clip of the animated series where character Vegeta states that Goku’s level is “over 9000″ in a loud and exaggerated manner. As Mudkipz grew, so did this meme, and it is used in situations on forums where something could be exaggerated.

I think Internet memes can be funny and interesting, but you do have to think that they really arent of any substance or value to human knowledge.

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