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Challenge 3: Create an Infographic

Task 1: Pre-Production

For the “Create an Infographic” Challenge, I decided to make a basic infographic based on the Toyota Motor Corporation. I did think for a while about what I should base my infographic on, it had to be something I am interested in, but also something with some facts and figures for me to use on it.

I did think about using the online gaming service, “Steam” and its related games as i enjoy these, but instead I thought i’d base it on the giant of a company, Toyota. I chose Toyota as I am a fan of their older vehicles and also admire the massive giant of a company they have become. I appreciate high quality and so choosing Toyota to base my infographic on was a safe bet.

Task 2: Implementation

Below is the results, click the image to enlarge to full size.

Task 3: Evaluation

On hindsight, I could have used a better colour scheme, but I wanted to keep the facts visible as those were what were meant to have the biggest impact on the reader. I think the info graphic is dull looking, and could have been more colorful, but the fact of the matter is that the subject is more of a corporate and fact – and – figure like, so I did think that the infographic should stay that style too.

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