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On this post I will be discussing the topic of conversation, and how it has very much changed, especially between younger generations but also slightly on older generations, as technology changes and evolves allowing greater possibilities.

When people started using the internet more and more, and its popularity began to climb, email was already around, and was becoming a hot topic. People everywhere were emailing everyone about anything, as it was a new way to communicate between people, allowing the insertion of images and other multimedia along with it. Also, being a free service meant it was accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

You could see the same burst of popularity with instant messaging, like AOL Messenger and MSN Messenger, which became increasingly popular around 5 years ago. Along with the growth of Instant Messengers, came Video Chat, Audio Chat and also data transfer services peer to peer. This meant people could see, talk and also type text to their friends and family, for free, with ease.

At the same time, the Skype service was growing, which is a separate peer to peer video/audio streaming service. This has all changed how people communicate, with over 175 million people logging into Facebook each day, their version of Instant Messaging plays a big part on how people communicate, especially with younger and younger people using these kinds of services every day.

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