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Challenge 7: Reflective Skills

Challenge 7 is Reflective Skills. This is me talking about myself and my progress through the course and also outside of college time. It is where I reflect about past work or past happenings and describe them how they happened and what I may have changed, etc.

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I would firstly like to reflect on the usage of Apple Mac Computers during the course. Before this course I’d never touched a Mac, never mind used one, and having seen pictures I never thought I’d be able to get to grips with a different operating system. When I was being interviewed for a different Graphics Design course I was asked whether I’d ever used Macs and it had worried me that I wouldn’t be able to use it to the same level other students may be able to. I also was sceptical of other operating systems, especially ones made by Apple as I had come to the conclusion they couldn’t make any software with decent features, but on reflection I have noticed that Apples are easy to get used to, and that the software is good to use. I shouldnt have been worried as the interface is easy to get used to, and is in some ways better than the Windows counterparts.

Another reflection would be Twitter. In the past I have used Twitter and not been able to “get” the point of it, and I couldn’t seem to get into the swing of using the website, so just gave up 10 minutes after creating my account. We used Twitter as part of college to learn about its features and usages, and I slowly began to understand the point of it, and now I would use it daily, if my life were interesting enough to write about! On reflection I should have tried harder to get to grips with the website and I maybe would have then been able to use it in real life situations.

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