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Challenge 6: Ethical Branding

This Challenge was about the ways that companies can use Ethical Branding to help sales of their products.  Such an example of a company doing this is Lush, which is a primarily a soap shop, also selling gift boxes and fragrances. The companies mantra is that they make cosmetics by hand as opposed to typical factory-made cosmetics. They also are against animal testing and ensure they source human-tested cosmetics instead. They are also involved with donating to charity as part of their ethical initiatives.

Lush Logo

I personally agree with their approach to selling such products, as most things we buy and consume as customers is made in factories and little attention is paid to if the ingredients could be not what we’d expect, could be sourced from people who are receiving a poor deal (I.e not fair trading), and also we pay little attention to whether things have been tested on animals. Lush is trying to put forward the message that such things are wrong, and so they set the standard by only selling products which adhere to their standards. This would make me, if i were a consumer of such products, go to them instead of to a typical shop which would sell similar products, as you know where they have come from, and that they are made to some kind of standard.

I think this approach to branding works for the company, and they do also provide a much more personal experience when you visit one of their shops, rather than  the typical bland “organisational” treatment you would normally experience from such a shop. You get a feeling that the staff like their job, and like serving you as a customer. This is why ethical branding does pay out, and i think that any profit Lush makes is well deserved.

Lush Shop Interior

Overall, Ethical Branding is a good technique for marketing and selling products, as long as the statements are 100% true, and that they make sure that they dont go overboard and make claims which are bigger than they are.

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