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Chrome OS

Yesterday we were shown a video about Chrome OS. Google recently released their own browser called Google Chrome, which is marketed to be faster, easier to use and a much more “fluid” browser to use. The video was talking about how mainly nowadays people use computers purely for the internet, when computers operating systems are designed to do many different tasks and actions. The video was putting out the idea of Chrome OS. The OS stands for Operating System, and it is an alternative to Windows, Linux and OSX. It is to be released early 2011, and will feature a minimilist approach. 

Chrome OS

Personally I think it is a neat idea which would do its job very well, as it wouldnt be having to load un-needed software onto the hard drive. It is also going along with the whole “the future is cloud” mantra, where in the future we will all be using software which is based on a cloud network. (all software ran from remote servers over the internet)

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