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Update: Week 7

BumpTop Software

On Tuesday we watched a presentation on the desktop software “Bump Top”, which is a alternative to the standard Windows or Mac OSX desktop, creating  a more casual and unorganised approach to it. It featured each icon and folder as a physical object in a virtual world, and they could collide and react in a genuine physics like way. There was other features like pinning icons up on the virtual wall, and making them bigger or smaller. I personally disliked the concept as it seemed like it’d get boring really easily, and would be impractical.

On Wednesday we were introduced to Fruity Loops, an audio sequencer for Windows, and taught how to use some of its features.

Today we were introduced to Challenge 4, which is to do a Case Study on a particular “thing” in modern day culture. I chose the Harry Potter franchise, which can be read in a later post which is currently published.

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