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Challenge 4: Case Study

For this challenge I have chosen the case study of the Harry Potter Franchise. The analysis of the product is as so; This is a series of 7 books, 8 films and 8 games + various spinoff products and events, worth a total of £15 billion, with the orignal writer of Harry Potter, J.K Rowling being reportedly worth 560 Million. As you can see by the figures, the Harry Potter Franchise as a product is a very successful one, with its fortune spanning the globe, and its wide target audience is partly to blame for that. The product of Harry Potter is the way they can market it, the books appeal to younger people as well as adults by the unique way that they’re written, and the films and games appeal to the general cinema-goer aswell as the hardcore Harry Potter fan, they are not limited purely to people knowledgable about the series. This is very beneficial to the profits from this franchise and it does make for very good watching, as the films are very good to watch.

 “Harry Potter is a billion pound asset created by J.K Rowling which has a huge following and includes 7 books and 8 films.”

Each of the Harry Potter films have been directed by their respective directors, not sticking to the same one, they are all, however, distributed by Warner Bros. I think personally that the directors and Warner Bros who oversaw the operation did a good job of capturing the spirit of the books and kept enough of the orignal content in to make the films relatable to the films, which I think is crucial in such a big project.

Harry Potter Artwork

The Entire Harry Potter series was written by J.K Rowling (Joanne Rowling), and the idea was conceived on a train journey in 1990. She is also famous for writing a book “From Rags to Riches”, which is a story about how she progressed from a woman living on benefits to a famous billionaire within 5 years. Joanne is now famous for her works and has gone on to see her very own imagination portrayed in film and games.

The roots of the franchise stem from the first Harry Potter book written by J.K Rowling, as the story goes she was on a train from Manchester to London when the idea struck her about a black-haired teenager who didn’t realize he was a wizard, the ideas grew from then and she has gone on to create another 6 Harry Potter books and become part of the huge franchise that is Harry Potter.

The first book was released on June 30th, 1997, this was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, after much time waiting for a publisher to make the leap and publish the first book, and after then J.K Rowling continued to write the books, it has been said that she had written all the base storylines right from the beginning, indicating she had a burst of ideas of characters and different happenings and then after she was published she made these into full-sized books.

The future developments of Harry Potter will be the buildup to the Deathly Hallows Part 2, as this is the final film in the series. There is Deathly Hallows Part 1 recently out at the cinema, which is bound to make a record amount of money at the box office, as the Harry Potter films usually do. There will be the typical merchandising, as Harry Potter usually do deals with LEGO by releasing special Harry Potter Playsets, as well as action figures, general apparel, etc. There is also bound to be a console game released for the newest film, as has been the trend with every previous film. The future of the series is likely to die off and never be heard from again, due to J.K Rowling saying that this recent book is the be all and end all of the series, but as far as we could know, another book could make an appearance if the demand was there.

Some of the figures about the franchise are:

  • 400,000 books sold as of June 2008
  • Genres are based around Fantasy, Learning from Mistakes and Coming of Age
  • The books have been translated into over 67 different languages
  • Different target countries have different versions of cover art and book titles
  • There are Adult and Child versions of the series of books
  • First book published 1997 – Last book published 2006
  • Harry Potter brand is worth £15 Billion
  • The most recent 4 books are the fastest selling books in history
  • All the Harry Potter films are the highest-grossing films in history
  • The franchise owns a themed area of the Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida

My opinion on the franchise as a reader of the books through childhood that they are high quality books with very solid and decent storylines, which are great for younger people as well as mature adults. The language isn’t basic, but it isn’t too complex for younger children to understand, and this is even more so in the films. I believe the money made from the franchise is deserved from the hard work and dedication to the series shown by J.K Rowling, and she has been able to see her stories and dreams come to life on paper, on the screen, and now in real life in Florida. The franchise has been a great success, and it is deserved.

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