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Interface 3: Cash Machines

The third interface I have chosen to write about are the ones seen on Cash Machines. For some people these are used daily, and they are definitely a popular feature, especially in more isolated areas. They can be found outside most supermarkets and also outside banks. There can also be standalone cash machines which anybody can own and operate, which usually charge a fee for usage, and can be seen inside independent shops, in theme parks and in airports.

Cash Machine Interface

The system works from when a customer is identified by their insertion a plastic card with a magnetic stripe or an embedded chip which contains a unique card number, expiry dates and also the customer’s information. This information is also written physically on the card. This is cross-referenced, and the customer is allowed to withdraw up to their account balance in £5, £10 and £20 notes.

The systems usually were based on operating systems RMX or OS/2, but nowadays are seen running Windows XP.  The interface is a very basic and seemingly not too user friendly. They have a basic appearance as seen in the image and are reminiscent of the DOS Operating System, usually blue backgrounds and white text, in capitals. This makes for a very unprofessional appearance compared to the interfaces we see nowadays.

I would propose that  they update the interface to a much more professional one, with lots more options to customise how you receive your money. More detailed information could be more handy such as what your overdraft could be, options to add an overdraft from the cash machine and previous transactions you’ve taken, on-screen. Also some measure to improve the speed from when you press the button to when the action occurs would be a good idea as sometimes the machines lag behind massively and take up time doing a simple task.

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