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Challenge 3: Advertising Strategies

For the “Choose a Decade” Task 1, I chose the decade of the 1970′s. Our task was to research the decades between the 1950′s and the 1990′s. I researched the information about the different decades on Wikipedia. For Challenge 3, we are to choose an advertising campaign from that decade and compare it to how it would be marketed today. Here is the Company I chose to do the Challenge on.

I chose the McDonald’s Big Mac advertising from the 1970’s, as after watching all of the campaigns from the other companies in the same decade, the McDonald’s one seemed to contain an aspect of them all. The advert features simple cues, which aren’t subtle. It simply is saying “This Burger is Nice, Now Eat It”, rather than coaxing a potential customer into it by appealing to their taste buds. It is a very classic kind of advert, and is very typical from its time.

It differs greatly from Advertising Strategies used today, which are less obvious, and try to use the products price to sell the item, rather than the previously described advertisement which is just getting the consumer aware that the product exists.

Another point is that instead of spending all their budget on a single item from their menu, McDonald’s usually advertise themselves as a whole, promoting all of their food at the same time, and indirectly rather than jumping straight to the point. They do, however, advertise specific burgers sometimes, but still very differently to how they did in the 1970’s. McDonald’s also now do seasonal advertising which relates to the time of year, and various events which are happening like the World Cup, and advertising special menus for Summer.

I think McDonald’s are marketing their products in a creative and casual way, which isn’t just about telling the customer to buy their products, but is more about showcasing the casual nature of their fast food restaurants, and are doing it using high quality filming. On occasion they also use slight comedy or little minor details for comic usage, which further adds to the  rest of the decent marketing. There isn’t anything I’d change about their marketing strategy, as they’ve got it all sorted.

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