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Introduction to Motion Tweens

Today we were introduced to Motion Tweens in Adobe Flash. This is a technique used to move a flash object from one place to another easily. you just define the start place and the end place, and the software fills the gaps. It can also make the shape change colour or change shape at the same time. We were also shown that to do this you need to convert the shape into a symbol.

Ted Talks Logo

We started the session by watching a TED Talks Video about a couple of developed technologies, one of which was really advanced. Its name is SeaDragon, and it grabbed the entire library of photos about a specific subject (In this case, The Notre Dame Cathedral. It then calculated where each was taken in correspondence with each other, generated a 3D representation of the cathedral, which was browsable and you could move around it, but it looked realistic because it used real photos to do it. This was very interesting and something that could be really useful.

Photosynth being Presented

We were also shown the PhotoSynth software, which collated all of someones pictures together on a single page, and allowed you to zoom out to the point you could see your entire library for images (which could be millions/billions/unlimited), and also you can zoom in to such detail you could see each pixel. It works best with high-definition pictures, as shown in the video, where the man explaining the technology zooms all the way into the tiny logo in the bottom of the picture.  Another example was an entire novel was included as an image, and zoomed out it looked like a few lines, but zoomed in you could read each word as if it was a book.
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