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DreamWeaver Introduction

The other day we were introduced to Adobe’s Dreamweaver.  In the past I havent liked it because it seems to “dumb-down” website creation, though it does make some parts easier, and this time I have learned how to use it properly, which I never got round to in the past. We created a simple website with hyperlinks and images.

Adobe Dreamweaver Interface

The output was basic, but useful for someone not yet “into” html, as it provided a much easier way for people to build websites other than using basic HTML Code. It also makes it easier to organize where your website is, and also make updating a website easier as you can have it permanently setup to be editable, and when you save, it can automatically upload it so the website is updated instantly. It was good to get into using a program, as I havent had much of a try with Dreamweaver before.
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