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Interface 2: In-Car Technology

For the second interface I have chosen In-Car Technology.

It exists in alot of cars, but I think there could be a standarised way to help you drive better, navigate better and keep car-related things organised. Instead of the various gauges, there could be a single sweeping LCD Display, or a projected one onto the windscreen. It could tell you the usual things, like speed, revs-per-minute and mileage, but could also automatically show you your Miles-Per-Gallon, and have a built in fuel usage calculator, linked to the internet to relay you information such as the cheapest petrol station near to you, the best route to take to save fuel, and what each journey cost you in real-time speed.

This would make it integrated to a Satelite Navigation System which could also be built in. This system could also connect to the internet 100% of the time to continually update itself on the traffic, road changes and road closures, to aid your navigation requirements. The navigation could be accessed either by displaying it near the other guages, or could be used within a “tab” system, where you can switch to different “applications” which each contain different features, and for safety the speed could be shown overlayed the other tabs.

If required, the system could also relay your location information using GPS to friends or family so they can see out of interest where you visit on your travels. For a company who pay their employees to drive long distance, it could be used to ensure they dont waste time, speed, or do personal errands, thus making their work more cost-effective.

Virtual and Real-Life Combined

Using quite recently used technology, an application which has been seen used by Google and on the iPhone, a GPS system could be used in conjunction with a projection onto the windscreen, to display locations of different points of interest overlayed ontop of the real life view, so that if you couldnt see your destination, you could see it virtually in the actual location of it. Also, the real life roads you are driving on could be highlighted to show the route you need to take, to make navigation easier. Currently, it has proved to be glitchy and not 100% accurate, but a strong push such as usage in all new cars as standard would create the demand for fully functioning systems of this nature. As you can see in the picture, it displays real-life units of measurement, the time to reach the destination and the road name/number, it would be a very useful tool.

Overall, i think the future of navigation is leading to this, and with todays ever growing technology, it is a very possible future. It is viable and would improve the current state of Satellite Navigation.

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