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Challenge 2: Organisational & Personal Values

The differences between Organisational and Personal Values, is how the company and its actions is viewed. Should the actions of an individual who represents a company or was featured in advertisement/promotion affect whether they have a job or not? Also, if a CEO or founder of a company is featuring within an advertisement for their own products, it could be seen as very personal, which can be good or bad for a company.  When does the boundaries become blurred between the companies personal opinions and its organisational status.

Having Facebook and twitter accounts to represent a company can make the organisation appear much more personal to the consumer. Becoming more personal can make the consumer trust the products or company more than they usually would, as they are bothering to try keep in touch with you at your level, rather than being closed off and very much organisational.

Coke Zero Advert

An example of a company being personal, and it backfiring could be the case of Coca-Cola and Wayne Rooney, where Rooney was found to have been paying £1200 a night for private escorts, when he is married and has a family. Coca-Cola dropped an advertising campaign due to his actions, as clearly Rooney was representing their company on a personal level. This shows the company didn’t want to be represented by Wayne due to his personal actions, which is the opposite to what they were trying to portray themselves as, as the Coca-Cola brand is generally known as a family friendly brand, as shown in the adverts they show in the Winter Season about Christmas. Wayne Rooney is paid by the company to represent the Powerade and Coke Zero brands, which are both aimed at younger people, specifically young male football fans.

An example of a company working at a personal level and it working well, is a company like Lush. Lush is a company making Handmade Cosmetics using as little artificial ingredients as they can. They go for amore casual and less “typical” approach to selling their products, favouring more information and different campaigns such as preference to being economical, fair trading and support saving money. Their less professional approach leads to a more friendly shopping experience, rather than the typical modern-day type of shopping, even their website says this: “We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.” This shows the company would rather speak to you on a personal level, and this is a reason why the company is so successful.

Sony Product

Sony Product

An example of a multinational company which is very corporate is Sony. They obviously have the Playstation Brand, which is very personal, but the actual company Sony alone is very discreet and corporate in its running. Its promotional content is very professional and kept to a corporate level rather than dipping to a personal level with the customer. This could be because it has the branches off the company like Playstation, so they can be personal on that level, which could be a good thing as it means if anything should go wrong as described in the 2 above examples, the company would be less damaged and the individual brand moreso.

I beleive the personal approach is the best, as it keeps the brand/company in touch with their customer base, keeping the customer/company connection strong, and also makes a company seem much less cold faced and corporate, and more like a casual company that cares for its customers, which is definately the best route to go down.

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