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Challenge 1: Choose a Decade

For the “Choose a Decade” Task 1, I have chosen the decade of the 1970’s. Our task was to research the decades between the 1950’s and the 1990’s. I researched the information about the different decades on Wikipedia.

I have made this choice because this decade hosted many different interesting developments in technology, and in the economy. Many conflicts occurred between different countries, resulting in Wars such as The Cold War and different Arab-Isreli Conflicts. There was also an Energy Crisis, involving various different countries.  Different Natural Disasters happened including cyclones and earthquakes over the world, causing chaos and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Alice Cooper

Music on the 1970’s was at a high, mainly with experimental music,  Jazz-Rock, Chamber Jazz, reggae, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop emerged and flourished in the 1970’s, Alice Cooper became hugely popular during this decade, Kiss, ACDC, Journey and Aerosmith all made their way into star status during the decade aswell, which are still known to this day. The Bee Gee’s also had a best-selling album of all time during this decade, and lasting throughout it. The popular Stevie Wonder also made his mark on the music world, and was one of the most popular R&B artists at the time.

Fashion was defined in this decade, early on in the decade hot pants and other tightly fitting clothes and very brief clothing were very much the in-thing. Bell-Bottom trousers were one of the main fashion statements of the decade, along with turtle neck shirts and flower printed clothing. As the decade went on, the world was inspired by music artists like David Bowie. You could say it was definitely the decade for expressing your views and wild ideas on clothing, as there was much individuality and a passion for not caring what people think. Also a part of fashion, hair styles were very different back in the 1970’s. African-Americans often had large round Afros, and was very popular. Sideburns became acceptable for men to keep, as well as beards which hadn’t been commonly seen on men since the 19th Century. Women took their inspiration from Actress Farrah Fawcett, with a feathery cut. Platform Shoes also became a fashion accessory of the time.

Atari 400

Technology was interesting in the 1970’s as the worlds first general usage microprocessor, the Intel 4004 was released in 1971, which was the first complete CPU on one chip, as well as the coding language “C” which had the Unix Operating System written into it in 1973. A whole wave of micro sized technology came about, including Pocket Calculators, and also more companies made microchips with their computers including Apple, Commodore and Atari, making home computers as well as entertainment systems. The 1970’s paved the way for the next decade, the Golden Age of Video Games. The first bulletin board was the first example of internetworking, and is now what we see commonly as Message Boards or more commonly “Forums”. These were developed due to the high sales of personal computers. Fiber Optics was first seen in the 1970’s too, which was seen to be used for high speed communications, which we are now seeing a rebirth of as Fiber Optics will soon become the infrastructure of all our worlds data communications.

The Automotive world saw the Americans lag behind and the Japanese leap ahead, as the world realizes that cars need to be economical and efficient. The American car companies were producing poor quality vehicles which the Japanese and German car companies took advantage of. The Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla, the two most remembered Japanese Cars became icons in the 1970’s due to their lightweight but safe design, fuel efficiency and enviromentally concious motives.

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